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Summer Addresss
305 Revonah Hill Road, Liberty, NY 12754
Phone:  845-292-5790
Fax: 845-292-5766

 Winter Address:
805 East 3rd Street, Brooklyn, NY 11218
Phone: 718-438-0913
Fax: 718-851-8626

Phone numbers to use once camp begins:


Camp Director Rabbi Dembitzer 845-292-5790 ext 12
Head Counselor Rabbi Kar 845-292-5790 ext 13
Assist Head Counselor Rabbi Yaacov Shalom 917-968-3986
5th-6th Grade Division Head Rabbi Boruch Zachter 917-678-4027
7th Grade Division Head Rabbi Yosef Richter 732-279-5487
8th Grade Division Head (1st half) Rabbi Betzalel Bressler 347- 987- 6733
9th & 10th Grade Division Head Rabbi Daniel Waldman 917-202-4056
Learning Director Grades 4-7 Rabbi Yosef Preis 845-292-5790 ext 18
Learning Director Grade 8 Rabbi Yehoshua Goldenberg 323-742-3893
Learning Director Grades 9-11 Rabbi Moshe Kupfer 323-445-2834
Medical Director Mrs. Vail 917-804-0581
Camp Mother Mrs. Grossberg 347-449-2823
Head Lifeguard

Tzvi Oratz


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