Dear Camper,

Wow! It’s here again. It’s hard to believe that the camp reunion, signaling the true beginning of the upcoming season is right around the corner. After a most incredible summer that our campers experienced, it’s sure to be a phenomenal reunion!

REUNION February 12020

Due to the enormous crowds at our reunion we have upgraded to a more spacious and centrally located hall in Flatbush. This year’s camp reunion will IY”H be held on February 1,2020 at:

Ohr Shraga Veretzky Hall
1102 Avenue L (Corner of Coney Island Ave. & Ave. L)
from 8:15 – 10:30.

An amazing program is planned with door prizes for all. As usual, our door prize is a unique and fun memento from Camp Tashbar 2019. This year’s video promises to be a smashing hit. Rabbi Liel Shalom has been working nonstop to produce “Memories 2019” using the latest technology available. He has spent hundreds of hours on it and we’re sure you’ll find it amazing! Transportation is available from Lakewood. Please call the office for details and reservations, by Monday, January 27, 2020.


Please get those applications for summer 2020 in to our office as soon as possible. Last year, many applications were turned down due to a lack of space. There is a special prize for all applications received on or before our reunion on February 1. Out-of-towners whose applications were received on or before Feb. 1, will be able to collect their early bird prize at the office in camp after June 29. In addition, all those registered on or before the reunion will be entered in a special raffle for prizes, with the Grand Prize yet to be announced. You must attend the reunion to be eligible for all raffled prizes. Please have your parents fill out the application now and send it in with the deposit.

For Parents

Please note: The early bird discount applies as long as your application is received no later than February 14. You must fill out the early bird coupon and send it in with your application to receive the early bird fee reduction.